Ships are the core of your fighting force. Although they must be organized into Fleets to be used, each ship has its own statistics and characteristics which must be taken into account.

Ship Characteristics
Type A ship's type determines where the ship can dock. Small ships can be docked at any Pier. Medium ships can only be docked at an Extended Pier, while Large ships can only be docked at an Extended Pier 2
Crew A ship's crew is the number of pirates required to man and use a given ship. Building a ship will immediately deduct the crew members from your available population. If you need additional population, build more Housing or upgrade your Town Hall.
Putting a ship into the Mystic Chest will not free up the population for use on other ships.
Speed A ship's speed determines how quickly it will move across the ocean. The slowest ship in a Fleet is used for calculating the fleet's overall speed.
A ship's speed increases by 1% every time it levels up.
All your ships will gain a 15% speed boost if you hire the Captain.
Maneuverability A ship's maneuverability determines how well it will dodge shots. Each ship has a chance to dodge cannon shots and monster attacks equal to half it's maneuverability.

A ship's maneuverability increases by 1% every time it levels up.

  • For example, a ship with 30 maneuverability will dodge 15% of shots fired at it.
Capacity A ship's cargo capacity determines how many weapons and resources the ship can carry. If you completely load your ships with weapons, you may not have much room left for Loot. The amount of cargo space required by different resources and items can be found Here.
Armor A ship's armor determines how much damage it can absorb from enemy cannon fire. The number of hit points a ship loses when hit by cannon shot is the nominal damage rating of the cannon minus the armor rating of the ship. See Battle#Battle Structure for more information.
  • For example, if a ship with 40 armor fails to dodge a shot from a mortar, it will lose 200 – 40 = 160HP.
Maximum Cannons A ship's maximum cannons determines how many cannons the ship can carry and fire at any given time.
A ship's maximum cannon count will increase by 1% (rounded to the nearest whole number) every time it levels up.
  • For example, a level 10 Frigate has 26 cannons (24 base cannons x 110% = 26.4, rounded down to 26), while a level 11 Frigate has 27 cannons (24 base cannons x 111% = 26.64, rounded up to 27).


Type Name Cost (Wood) Production Time Crew Required Speed Maneuver Capacity Armor Max. Cannons
Small Shallop 500 15 Minutes 4 170 26 3000 5 0
Small Kogg 1000 1 Hour 5 115 27 50000 30 0
Small Howker 5000 2 Hours 7 225 35 7000 7 0
Medium Caravel 25,000 1 Day 12 245 60 60,000 30 10
Medium Frigate 200,000 3 Days 20 255 40 60,000 12 24
Medium Carrack 500,000 5 Days 30 100 17 500,000 22 30
Large Galleon 2,000,000 7 Days 25 180 20 120,000 60 65
Large Ship of the Line 5,000,000 10 Days 40 120 15 270,000 25 100
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