The piers of your Island are used for harboring Ships and building shipyards.


There are 3 types of piers. Each basic pier takes up 11 squares of horizontal space, and can only be built on the south-west side of your island. Each extended pier must be built off a basic pier.

Type Cost (Gold) Cost (Wood)
Building-ico-pier-1 Basic Pier 200 500
Building-ico-pier-2 Extended Pier 1000 2500
Building-ico-pier-2 Extended Pier 2 25000


Your Island can originally fit 2 piers, but can be expanded to fit more. Below is a table of how large your island needs to be to accommodate more piers. You may have to shift your piers slightly in order to get them to fit!

Island Size Number of Piers
15x15 2
23x23 3
33x33 4
43x43 5
53x53 6

Docking ShipsEdit

Ships can only be docked at an appropriate pier for their size. Only small ships can be docked at a Basic Pier. Small and medium ships may be docked at an Extended Pier, while all types of ships may be docked at an Extended Pier 2.




Shipyards can be built on Basic Piers. Each upgrade of the Shipyard will allow additional types of Ships to be built there.

Level Cost (Gold) Cost (Wood) Upgrade Time Unlocks
1 500 500 5 Minutes Shallops / Kogg
2 2,300 2300 15 Minutes Howkers
3 11,000 11000 45 Minutes Caravel
4 52,000 52,000 3 Hours Frigate
5 244,000 244,000 8 Hours Karraka
6 1,147,000 1,147,000

24 Hours

7 5,390,000 5,390,000 72 Hours Ship Of The Line


Admiralty allows to perform joint attacks. In order to perform joint attack, send one of your slow fleets first to attack a target. Then select another faster fleet and selecting the leading fleet press "Join" button.

After update 2.0.5 its impossible to join even two fleets without admiralty. With increase of level of building more and more fleets will be able to join to admiralty owner.

Only owner of leading fleet need to have some level of admiralty for other people to be able to join to him.

Also admiralty level connected to the new rank names in ally list. Presented in 2.0.5.

Level Cost (Gold) Cost (Iron) Upgrade Time Fleets Rank
0 - - - 0 Trainee
1 100,000 100,000 3 days 1 Midshipman
2 7,900,000 7,900,000 4 days 2 Captain
3 21,784,000 21,784,000 7 days 3 Commodore
4 46,498,000 46,498,000 10 days 4 Rear Admiral
5 90,488,000 90,488,000 15 days 5 Vice Admiral
6 168,790,000 168,790,000 20 days 6 Admiral
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