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So you have arrived in the middle of the ocean on a small Island but don't worry, you will be given a good tutorial and 1 week of protection in order to build up your forces before engaging in combat against other players on the high seas! Yes, you start out as small fish in a very large pond but by following these methods, you can quickly grow to dominate your opponents.

  1. The first rule is this: Don't come out of protection until the 7 days of protection are up. Build as fast as possible and focus on killing Monsters in an attack free environment!
  2. Build and upgrade your Island's buildings and make a start by crafting Weapons and building Ships in order to navigate through the sea around the tiny speck that is your island. Make sure to upgrade your Resource Buildings and Town Hall so that you have a constant source of income!
  3. You will face many different types of Monsters that drop a variety of loot and resources. Beware though, certain monster have special abilities which require careful tactics. Start by attacking only easy monsters like Bird Ra and Fishanger. Read the Monsters section get familiar with different types of enemies and ways to beat them. Remember: As your level grows, so do the levels of the monsters that spawn in your sector!
  4. If you don't have protection, other players can attack your Fleets as well as your home Island. Make sure to read the Battle Guide before engaging in combat with other players.

If you follow these steps, you should become a feared pirate captain in no time!

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