3 Fleets

Fleets are organizations of up to 9 Ships that you can send out to do battle. A ship that is not in a fleet cannot be sent out into battle, although it will defend your island if attacked. Although you start with just 1 fleet, you can unlock more with gems.

Fleets will move at the speed of the slowest ship in them, so make sure to leave out slow ships if you want to make good time!

Managing FleetsEdit

To manage your fleets, select your Shipyard, then click the icon of an anchor at the bottom of the screen. This shows your current fleets and allows you to unlock more.

To change your fleets' flags, just tap the flag icon.

To add ships to a fleet, click on the fleet itself, then the "Add Ship" button. To remove a ship, just tap the "Remove" button under the ship you'd like to remove. Remember: You cannot add a ship to a fleet if it's in another fleet; remove it first before trying to add it to a different fleet.

Joining FleetsEdit

Even though you can have a maximum of 9 Ships in a fleet, you can join 2 fleets together in an attack. Here's how:

  1. One fleet must be much slower than another. Because a fleet moves at the speed of the slowest ship in it, this means you only need to have one slow ship in one fleet.
    • Example: One fleet is 5 Howkers. The other fleet is 5 Howkers and 1 Kogg. The fleet with the Kogg will be much slower, and will allow you to join fleets.
  2. The slower fleet must attack first.
  3. Once you've attacked with your slow fleet, select your faster fleet and tap on the slow fleet on the map. Doing this will make a "Join" button appear. As long as your fast fleet has time to catch up to the slow fleet before the slow fleet reaches its target, clicking the "Join" button will cause your fast fleet to join up with your slow fleet.

By using this method, you can attack targets with up to 18 ships at a time!

You can also join other player's fleets, but only if they are in your alliance.

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